Foxford Tassle Detail Raffia Loafers

Sale price$54.67

color: BLACK
size: US-5 / UK-3 / EU-36

Step into Comfort with Foxford's Raffia Loafers

Experience unraveled comfort and style with the Foxford Raffia Loafers. These stylish loafers are meticulously crafted with premium raffia and adorned with sophisticated tassle detail, perfect for those seeking chic versatility.

Because each pair is carefully made, they boast durability and a timeless design that remains a favorite among fashion enthusiasts. The breathable raffia material ensures comfort all day long, while the tassle detail adds a touch of elegance that stands out. So whether you're strutting down the city streets or attending a casual gathering, Foxford's Raffia Loafers will elevate your style.

But it's not just about aesthetics. Foxford is committed to quality and sustainable fashion. By choosing raffia, a renewable resource, we can help conserve our environment while giving you a product that doesn't compromise on style. And with every pair, you're joining us on our journey towards more sustainable practices.