Human Body Motion Sensor Light Corridor

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Rotating human body sensing la: White

Discover the Convenience of the Rotating Body Motion Sensor Light

Introducing the rotating body motion sensor light, an innovative accessory designed with your convenience and safety in mind. This advanced light illuminates your corridor when it detects your motion, ensuring you always have sufficient light.

The cutting-edge sensor equipped in this light quickly picks up your movement and reacts by turning on the light. This assures that you always have the light just when you need it, avoiding the need to search for switches in the dark.

With its efficient power consumption, this rotating body motion sensor light not only provides much-needed illumination but also contributes to energy savings. The light turns off automatically when it no longer detects motion, conserving energy and extending the light’s lifespan.

Designed for easy installation and superior durability, the rotating body motion sensor light provides dependable lighting for your corridor. Whether you need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night or navigate your hallway during a power outage, this sensor light is your perfect solution. Make your home safer and more convenient today with this must-have accessory.

Product information:
Specification: yellow light/white light
Size: 83*83*56mm
Style: American

Material: ABS
Package size: 95 * 65 * 95mm

Packing List:
Induction lamp * 1
USB cable * 1
Double-sided adhesive * 1