A Portable Stainless Steel Lunch Box

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Color: Blue 2 Layers and Box

Experience the Convenience of a Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Take your meals on the go with the Stainless Steel Lunch Box. This portable and practical meal solution is perfect for those who require convenience and efficiency in their daily meal prep. It is made from durable stainless steel, implying longevity and enduring performance. It's easy to clean, too, allowing for hassle-free maintenance.

Using the Stainless Steel Lunch Box, you can comfortably carry your meals wherever you go. This lunch box keeps your meal fresh and tasty – just the way you like it. The stainless steel construction not only adds a sophisticated touch but also guarantees long-lasting quality.

In addition to efficient food preservation and portability, this Stainless Steel Lunch Box is an eco-friendly solution to packaging your meals. Choosing this product means you're taking a stand against single-use plastic boxes, thus contributing to a greener planet.

But why stainless steel? Besides durability, stainless steel offers excellent hygiene standards. It doesn't absorb food particles or odors and ensures your food stays uncontaminated. So, if you're looking for a lunch box that combines convenience, durability, and an eco-friendly design, our Stainless Steel Lunch Box is the ultimate choice!


Product information:

Material: stainless steel + high quality pp

Size: S 16*11cm

M 22 * 11 cm

L 28.5 x 11 cm

Capacity: S (830ML)

M (1100 ml)

L (1400 ml)

Cater to the younger consumer demand, design appearance lively atmosphere, small and fresh lunch box, stainless steel tank, safe PP material, foam insulation layer. The materials are all proofs of inspection and can be used with ease.

Package Content:

1*meal box