Android Learning Tablet

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Color: Blue
Electrical outlet: US

Empower Your Day: Sleek Design, Mighty Performance, 16 GB – All Under $100.

Delve into the realm of boundless discovery with our 10-inch Android Learning Tablet PC, a portal to knowledge and entertainment that transcends conventional boundaries. Powered by an ARM+DSP dual-core processor clocked at a robust 1.66GHz and supplemented by an Octa Core engine, this device not only meets your expectations but surpasses them with grace and agility.

Imagine holding the key to an expansive library of resources with its generous 16 GB storage capacity — all content crisply displayed on a radiant 10.1-inch screen. Equipped with intuitive dual cameras, this tablet captures moments in striking clarity while offering seamless Bluetooth connectivity for effortless synchronization across devices.

The smart gravity sensor adjusts the display intuitively to your viewing angle, compelling users to marvel at the meticulous attention given to user experience design. Considerable endurance is one of its hallmarks; boasting over nine hours of battery life – myth has it that Atlas himself would commend such stamina!

Multilingual support breaks down communication barriers allowing you diverse linguistic versatility within this sleek frame available in colors from opulent gold to deep dark green. Visualize yourself charting unfamiliar territories during travels where compact sophistication elevates each journey or picture those tranquil mornings spent curled up in serenity as you interactively learn something new every day through countless applications enabled by Android OS—all scenarios where ownership becomes more than convenience; it embodies empowerment.

Product Information:


  • Processor: ARM+DSP dual core

  • Processor frequency: 1.66GHz

  • Storage Type: Flash

  • Hard disk capacity: 16GB

  • Screen size: 10.1 inches

  • Camera: Dual camera

  • Bluetooth: support

  • Communication function: support telephone

  • Built-in sensor: smart gravity sensor

  • Processor: Core Octa Core

  • Battery life: more than 9 hours

  • Language: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Multilingual

  • Product size: 10.1